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POG Cinema Advertising

We Create Steady Ad Income For Theatres

For over 35 years, POG Cinema Advertising has been helping owner operated theatres get the most out of their cinema preshow. Our CineMission program is an engaging mix of movie facts, paid ads, and trivia. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful and engaging content that is fun to watch and adds to the movie-going experience.

We rely on the success of our theatre partners, and have built our organization around making that happen. Our dedicated ad sales team will visit your location regularly and meet with other local businesses to identify potential ad partners for your unique preshow. We take the time to help build a positive presence for your theatre in your local community.  Let our family show you what your preshow can really do for you.

Fun & Engaging Cinema Preshows

Original Local Ads To Impress & Excite

We create original content for our ad clients, turning your cinema preshow into a unique asset that builds reputation among your community and fellow business owners.

Cinema Trivia To Fascinate & Delight

Every show has a fresh mix of cinema trivia, facts, and puzzles that help keep your audience engaged and entertained while waiting for their feature presentation to start.

Policy Messages To Inform & Amuse

Forget using plain, boring signs and notices. We help bring some fun and amusement to your policy messages by creating custom videos to air in your new preshow.

A Beneficial Cinema Partnership

Increased Revenue

Here at POG we focus on making a cinema preshow that will engage your audience and your pocketbook. We always work to maximize your income by bringing in more local advertising than our competitors. The more businesses we sell to the more money you make. What is good for your theatre is good for us. That’s why we keep working to get more business for both you and us.

Continual Refinement

POG has been in this business for over 35 years, and we continually refine our processes along the way. Our progressive rate system makes cinema advertising viable for almost any business and generates approximately 15-20% more sales revenue than single rate programs. Our sales training was created by our CEO, Clarke Mazza, to ensure quality and ethical performance from all agents.

Reponsive Service

POG knows how important your preshow is. We make our full production team avilable to our theatre partners. This is to ensure that we can always respond quickly to any requested changes. We also review the size and market of each potential theatre and only partner with ones where we feel we can maximize their results. We stay small and responsive because that’s how we can serve our theatre partners best.

Convenient Management

Running a cinema preshow doesn't need to be a hassle. POG utilizes modern technology that allows us to manage your preshow 100% remotely after initial setup. This way, we can focus on your preshow and you can focus on your theatres. Then we’ll send you the check! If you ever need a change, just let us know, and our team will take care of everything. Once we finish, the changes will be in the following preshow automatically!

Cinema Preshow Demo

Why Choose POG?

POG uses limited national and regional advertising for theatres we serve, though typically, the bulk of the advertising will be made up of local ads that are found by our own cinema advertising sales team. We generate the revenue for your theatre through good old-fashioned hard work. Our team will make a focused effort in your area to find more local businesses for cinema advertising once your theatre joins the POG family! The longer we partner together the more advertisers we can find, increasing your revenue over time.

POG's progressive presentation rates help make cinema advertising available to a wider range of businesses, while also generating more revenue for our theatre partners. The combination of real people talking to business owners face-to-face about the benefits of advertising in your theatre and the lower costs we offer to produce and show the advertising are why we are able to sell far more advertisements than other cinema preshow provider.

Varied ad pricing + More Local Advertisers = More Overall Revenue

We believe in giving more affordable ads for small businesses and making up the cost difference in volume. With POG it is easier for business owners to get their money’s worth from advertising and it is easier for POG to sell more advertisements, which results in our theatre partners making more money. Put our sales team to work for your theatre.

At POG Cinema Advertising, we treat our theatres like true partners. We provide each theatre access to our entire team full of innovative and adaptable experts in their respective fields. We work with our theatre partners to solve any media and marketing problems that they may face. This includes creating video and advertising for screens throughout the entire theatre, not just on the cinema screens. Whether you need a video for your lobby display, or a still design for the poster in your bathroom, POG has got you covered.

Our partnership doesn't end there though. From payment to service, we treat all our partners fairly. We combine an enticing commission and payment structure with the most responsive preshow team in the industry to create an easy and profitable preshow experience.

After all, what are partners for? 

Don't stress over your cinema preshow anymore. Join the POG Cinema Advertising family and let our experts turn your cinema preshow into an asset that continually generates revenue while building reputation among your community and fellow business owners.

Worried about giving control of your preshow to an outside partner? Don't be! POG leaves you in full control of your preshow. We run the daily operations of the preshow so you can focus on running your theatres. However, if you ever want a change, new video, or even to veto a new ad, you always have the ability to do so. Just give us a call and our team will take care of whatever change you need. 

At POG, we want to be sure you feel secure in your choice of preshow partner. This is why we operate under full transparency. We create regular reports for all our theatre partners that show exactly what advertising clients appear in your show, how much each one pays, total revenue generated from the show, and exactly how much you earned.

Do you love managing your cinema preshow?

Running a theatre is no simple task. Why give yourself the headache of trying to sell advertising as well? Let a trusted partner with proven experience turn your preshow into a profit generating machine while you focus on the daily operations of your theatre. Join the POG Cinema Advertising Family and find out how easy it is to have a profitable cinema preshow.

Happy POG Theatre Partners

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